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At Revival Chiropractic we are passionate about providing exemplary chiropractic care that’s also convenient and affordable. Don’t just take our word for it…  Read what others have to say and check out over 400 Five Star Reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

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What Sets Us Apart from other chiropractors

Specific, Neurologically-Based Protocols

Gentle, Research-Driven Techniques

On-Site Digital X-Ray

A committment to provide exemplary service at an affordable price

Live Better Now.

Our Vision

We believe that you deserve to live a life full of joy and free of pain. We know that the body is self-healing and with neurologically-based chiropractic care, we can unlock decades of poor function and pain and help you do the things you love to do. 

What to Expect

At Revival Chiropractic, we provide a fresh, thorough approach to chiropractic care.  You can expect care from experienced Chiropractors, excellent customer service, all within a modern chiropractic facility.

Why See a Chiropractor?

There are too many reasons to list on why visiting a chiropractor is a great idea. Below are just a few of the symptoms we’ve seen improve while practice members have been under care. If you are experiencing any of these issues and have questions about how Chiropractic can help, give us a call today.

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Nerve Pain



Sinus Issues

Ear Infections 

Disc Issues


Menstrual Irregularities

Prenatal Care

Sleeping Difficulties


..and much more!

What to look for in your Altamonte Springs Chiropractor

Your health is your greatest asset so how do you know who to trust to serve you and your family? If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Altamonte Springs, FL, find someone who uses state of the art technology to find the root cause of your health concerns. At Revival Chiropractic, we use a multifaceted approach by combining our doctor’s exams with thermography, neurological assessments and digital x-ray to get a complete picture of what’s going on in your body. 

Our Altamonte Springs Chiropractors have extensive experience and training in prenatal and pediatric care so that we can provide excellent care to you and your whole family. We’re also passionate about keeping care affordable and convenient. We offer convenient scheduling to make care accessible to even the busiest of people.

Lastly, we are passionate about serving our patients here in Central Florida. When you start chiropractic care in our office, you become part of our family. We want to provide more than just healthcare. We want our patients to have an amazing experience in our office at every single appointment, from our friendly staff to our skilled doctors. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out over 400 Five Star Reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp and see what our other patients have to say.

Why seek chiropractic care for your family?

The nervous system controls every function in the body. When one or more of your spinal bones shift out of alignment, it can put pressure on your nervous system. This can lead to pain in the body and cause conditions like back pain, neck pain and headaches. Spinal misalignments can also make you more prone to injuries that can have a massive impact on your life. Beyond issues like pain and injuries, the pressure on the nervous system can have huge impacts on your health and on your quality of life. In fact, we hear amazing testimonials from our patients that chiropractic treatment has helped our patients sleep better, sit with less pain, drive more easily, heal from injuries faster and live life the way they want to live it!

But what if you don’t have pain?

Chiropractic care is great even when you don’t have pain. Even people without health conditions can benefit from treatment in our office. Our mission is for our patients to experience true health and wellness. Health is our most valuable asset and it’s far easier to keep someone healthy versus waiting for a bigger problem to occur. Health starts from within and chiropractic can help make sure your body is functioning at its best. To find out more, contact us at 407-403-5567 to chat with our team and get more information about how we may be able to help you.

Is Chiropractic good for your kids?

Have you ever seen a child play on a playground? They run, jump, and tumble constantly! Every time they fall, they can create small misalignments in the body that can add up to bigger misalignments over time. If you live near Altamonte Springs, we can check your children for these misalignments and provide very gentle, specific chiropractic treatment to help keep your kids healthy and get them back in the game faster! Contact us today today for more information about health care for your kids.

Where exactly are we located?

We are located on the corner of 434 and 436 in Altamonte Springs, FL, in the Kohl’s and Homegoods plaza. Call our team at 407-403-5567 for more information about directions or office hours.


Can a chiropractor help with TMJ?

What is TMJ Pain? TMJ dysfunction, otherwise known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is a type of musculoskeletal joint condition that affects the jaw joint and the ligaments and muscles surrounding the jaw that allow for chewing and lower jaw movement. This...

Is Cracking Your Own Neck Bad For You?

These days we are as a society sitting more than we ever have. We drive more often, we are working from home or at desks without proper ergonomics, and we are putting more and more stress and tension on our necks and our spines. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to a...

Why is postpartum chiropractic care important?

Whether you see it from mom's perspective or baby's perspective, there's no denying that even the easiest birth is a lot, both physically and physiologically. When a pregnant woman comes in for chiropractic care, there are three goals in mind: to address any...

Neuropathy treatment

What is neuropathy? Neuropathy is an umbrella term for any condition or injury that results in damage to the peripheral nerves in your body. Peripheral nerves are the nerves that branch out of the spinal cord and travel to the rest of your body. In other words, they...

How to Prevent Fitness-Related Injuries from Occurring

Unfortunately, most of us, especially those who are physically active, aren’t strangers to injuries! Whether you work out at the gym every day or spend your days with little to no movement, at some point in our life the likelihood of an injury is all but guaranteed....

Holiday Stress and How Chiropractic Can Help

With the holidays here, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. People travel, family comes in town, and although we can all enjoy time with family, this season can be stressful and even chaotic sometimes. Sometimes it feels like you can't even take a breath until after...

Can chiropractic help with weight loss?

First Things First! There are many reasons why people want to lose weight, whether it be for health benefits, to feel more energy, to improve physical appearance, to boost mood, or to eliminate unhealthy habits. No matter the reason why you want to lose weight, we...

Can chiropractic help with constipation?

Are you or someone you love looking for constipation relief? In our office we see babies, kids, adults and elderly patients who suffer from signs of constipation: Irregular or infrequent bowel movements Difficulty in ease of passage of bowel movements Improper...

Can Chiropractic Help Carpal Tunnel?

What is Carpal Tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition that causes pain, numbness, tingling, and sometimes shock like sensations in the hand and arm. When the median nerve of the hand, one of the major nerves of the hands and arms, is...

Safety with Backpack Wearing

If you’ve ever been in high school you might remember walking to school with your backpack before suddenly hearing a loud and long rip followed by the sound of your belongings crashing to the ground. Backpacks have a tendency to be sturdy, but even when wearing a...