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What does “breech” mean?

We see a lot of moms in our Altamonte Springs office who have been diagnosed with a breech baby. “Breech” presentation is when baby’s head is up and “Transverse” presentation is when the baby is horizontal. The ideal position for a baby is for the head to be down in the pelvis and the feet to be upward.

More often than not, when an OB/GYN notifies a mother that the baby is head up, their best advice is to wait a bit to see if baby moves. If not, they’ll typically advise the mom to move forward with a C-section. This is because most practitioners won’t deliver a breech baby vaginally, due to potential risks. Therefore, a baby in a breech or transverse position may mean that the parents lose their ability to follow their desired birth plan.

In our practice, we emphasize the importance of removing any obstacles that might prevent the baby from being in the correct position. Importantly, research shows that misalignments in the pelvis or tension in the muscles and ligaments can prevent the baby from getting into the optimal position.

My Baby is Breech, now what?

Most importantly, don’t panic! Although it’s natural to be concerned, panicking can set off stress hormones and impact the baby. So first and foremost, we need to keep calm and get informed. There are many options available to help encourage baby into the optimal position.

You may have been told to “wait it out”, but we advise differently. This is because there might be issues in the pelvis that need to be addressed. It’s very easy for the bones in a mother’s pelvis to shift slightly during pregnancy. These misalignments (or subluxations) can cause muscles and ligaments to tighten. As a result, these misalignments in the pelvis can prevent the baby from moving into the optimal position.

From the moment that you know that baby is breech, it’s essential to get to work as soon as possible.

If your baby is breech, here’s what you can do:

  1. See a chiropractor who specializes in Webster Technique. The Webster Technique has repeatedly been shown to be the best technique for breech and transverse presentation. The main focus is to relax the muscles of the pelvis and uterus to ensure optimal alignment for birth. It’s important to know that Webster Technique does not physically turn the breech baby. It simply makes sure that mom’s pelvis is in the right position for birth, opens up the pelvis and gives baby enough room to turn on his/her own.Webster Technique is also great for babies who are already in the right position because it encourages a smoother birth, and can reduce labor time.  Webster Technique can also help prevent dystocia (long painful birth) and lead to a quicker healing process for mom after birth.
  2. There are many stretches and exercises you can do at home as well! Check out the Spinning Babies Website for great exercises you can do to help encourage baby to get into the right position.
  3. Be bilateral- don’t curl up on the couch. Assess your workstation and workplace for ergonomics considering the baby’s position.
  4. Stay calm. Have faith that your baby knows what he/she is doing. Surround yourself with positivity and know that the right thing will happen for you and your family.

If you’re local to Altamonte Springs, please contact us to schedule an evaluation. The sooner we can get started, the better!

If you’re based elsewhere, please check out the ICPA Website for recommendations on Webster Trained Chiropractors!