Altamonte Springs headache chiropractor
Altamonte Springs headache chiropractor

First Things First!

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight, whether it be for health benefits, to feel more energy, to improve physical appearance, to boost mood, or to eliminate unhealthy habits. No matter the reason why you want to lose weight, we want to be able to support you through this journey!

Keep in mind that weight loss is a constant journey with multiple factors involved. It is so much more than just showing up and putting in the work in terms of a healthy diet, exercise and proper sleep. With that being said, it is within the realm of these factors that chiropractic adjustments come into play and can help you achieve your goals!

In particular, for today we’re only going to focus on exercise as a method of losing weight and how chiropractic adjustments can help you achieve this.

Let’s take a closer look…

Chiropractic and Exercise

A big reason why people find themselves unable to begin to exercise or to continue to exercise is because they are in pain. The popular saying “no pain, no gain’ is meant to motivate people to push their body while exercising, but the truth is that although you might want your body to feel sore during or after a workout, you certainly don’t want to feel pain. And of course if you’re already coming in with pain (i.e. knee, shoulder, low back pain), it becomes even harder to exercise consistently.

With chiropractic care you are able to tackle pain, function and structure so that your full attention can go to doing your best and giving an exercise your maximum effort!

Pain and Function

Through consistent and specific chiropractic adjustments, you can experience relief from your pains and aches, so that you’re better able to handle the physical stress of exercising. Chiropractic can also help a body be more flexible and have better range of motion, which helps you get more out of your workout. For example, some of our practice members report being able to squat further, to walk or jog for a longer time, and have better shoulder mobility when doing basic tasks such as brushing their hair or putting groceries away.


Our chiropractic technique, Torque Release Technique, is a natural treatment that strives to optimize your skeletal structure. By correcting your body structure, the pressure on nerves can be reduced, as well as the irritation of the surrounding muscles and tissues. This can lead to long-term pain relief and it can help you to perform better during a workout while also being preventative to help avoid injuries or early-onset degeneration.

A great example of how structure can affect body function and limit exercise is the pelvis. The pelvis is the foundation of your body and if it’s not level, when you’re jogging, squatting and going about your daily activities, you’re doing so on an uneven foundation. As a result, different joints like your knees and ankles have to compensate and take on more physical strain. Down the road, chronic overload on these joints can cause them to wear and tear quicker and this can lead to things like knee degeneration or knee replacement surgery.

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In our office we see many people who have pain when simply rolling out of bed. It may take them 10-15 minutes to be able to start their day due to the pain. One of the more common reasons our practice members report having more energy is because by decreasing or eliminating their pain, they are better able to sleep through the night. This not only gives them an energy boost, but a mood boost throughout the day as well! And when you’re finally able to start your days with less pain or no pain at all, it’s no wonder you suddenly feel like you have more energy to go about your day, including exercise and lose weight.

And this brings us to another important factor…


It’s a fact that exercise be very hard for people, and exercising consistently for a long period of time can be the hardest thing for many. There are always going to be days where you don’t want to exercise or you’ll find any excuse not to. With or without chiropractic, these days will still come and go. The difference is that by doing everything in your power to feel less pain and have more energy, these days will be fewer in between and it may be easier for you to push through these obstacles and find yourself with much more motivation to get things done.

Also, by sharing your goals with your chiropractor and actively declaring weight loss a priority, it’s more likely for you to feel more accountable and motivated to continue your journey, while also having someone supporting you and cheering you on.

The Bottom Line:

The journey to lose weight through exercise is a long, with factors such as pain, energy and motivation coming into play. With the support of chiropractic care you can find yourself with little to no pain, which helps you give it your all during a workout, perform better, and live a healthier life. Additionally, less pain in turns helps you feel more energy and more motivation to begin or continue your workouts.

If you feel like chiropractic care is the right fit for you and your weight loss journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local chiropractor!