Is your baby all backed up?

As much as we may dislike changing stinky diapers, regular bowel movements are essential for the health of your baby. Did you know that your baby should be pooping AT LEAST once a day? Constipation affects 3% of American children and is not only hard on your baby’s digestive system, but can also cause stress on the family when the baby is crying and fussy. Instead of reaching for the laxatives or harsh medications, many parents are looking for a more natural approach to help their babies “go”.

Constipation relief through Chiropractic

Chiropractic care can help increase parasympathetic activity, which is responsible for proper digestion. In fact, a case study published in 2016 reported on an 8-month old baby suffering from constipation. His parents brought him into the chiropractic office after he had not had a bowel movement for several days. Within 30 minutes of his first adjustment, the baby boy had a bowel movement in his car seat!

There have been many cases in our office of infants whose digestive issues resolved under care. Check out this blog post written by a mom who brought her baby into our office for constipation. Within just a few hours, her baby had gone to the bathroom on her own!

constipation cleared[

Baby Kensington gets her first adjustment.

Natural treatment for constipation

No more constipated baby!

Baby constipation treatment

Baby K is happy as a clam!