A Holistic Approach to Ear Infections

Looking for a safe option for your children’s ear infections?

We see lots of kids for ear infections at our office in Altamonte Springs. Ear Infections are so prevalent in our society that 80% of all children will have an ear infection before age three. In addition, 20-30% of all children have an average of 6 recurrences of ear infections before the age of seven. Physiologically speaking, children are more prone to ear infections due to their Eustachian Tubes being more horizontal. The Eustachian Tubes become more vertical as the child gets older, which greatly helps with drainage.

Here’s an example:

Living in Florida, we are very familiar with mosquitos. Imagine a house with poorly draining gutters. As the water builds up, bacteria beings to grow and mosquitos lay eggs. To get rid of the mosquitos, does it make more sense to 1) spray the stagnant water with harsh pesticides or 2) clean the gutters to allow for natural drainage of the water? Spraying the water may kill the mosquitos for a little while, but if we don’t encourage proper drainage, the mosquitos will simply come back.

Just like in the above example, harsh medication may (or may not) help the ear infection subside for a while. But unless we encourage proper drainage, the ear infection will come back. Chiropractic plays an important role in the drainage of fluid through the Eustachian tubes. By realigning the top bone in the neck, chiropractic can remove irritation off of the nerves that control the muscles around the Eustachian tubes. Research shows that 80% of children treated with a series of chiropractic adjustments were free of ear infections in a six month period.