Isn’t it time to stop settling for anxiety and depression?

Learn how to improve mood naturally!

A whopping 16% of Americans suffer from depression the United States. They may have a variety of symptoms including anxiety, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating and more. But what we don’t talk about is how these symptoms can make them feel disconnected from their families. In addition, it can prevent them from doing things they love to do and seriously impact their quality of life. As we all know, there is a huge selection of prescription drugs available. However, since most have serious side effects, many people are choosing to look into holistic options to improve their mood naturally. There are more options than just medication!

Have you ever considered that chiropractic may help improve mood naturally? This works on many levels. Throughout our day to day life, our spinal bones can shift out of alignment. When this happens, it puts pressure on the nervous system preventing normal communication between the brain and the body. This nerve interference can prevent the body from responding and adapting to the environment. Through specific neurologically based chiropractic care, we can help restore the normal communication between your brain and your body so that the body can heal!

One study describes a 30 year old man suffering from fatigue, depression, headaches, and reflux. The man sought neurologically-based chiropractic care, and after eight months, he reported both an increase in energy and a more positive attitude. In fact, the study used an objective questionnaire to measure exactly how much he improved. The questionnaire, called the SF36, was taken before and after treatment, and it proved that his mental health had improved 27%! We’ll take chiropractic adjustments with a side of joy any day!

Improve your mood through chiropractic

We’ve had many moms in our practice who have chosen on their own to get off their antidepressant medications because they feel a much better sense of wellbeing since starting chiropractic care in our office. Here’s what Laurie had to say: “Since starting my adjustments at Revival, my headaches have gone away, my stiffness is gone and I’ve stopped needing antidepressant meds. I love this place!”

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