Phases of Care: The R3 Model

Our first goal is to get you out of the acute stage of pain to help you enjoy life more. Therefore, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to assess your nervous system to deliver the most specific, gentle, and scientific care possible to provide relief without the use of drugs or surgery. As a result, your care plan is tailored designed for you and your needs and is aligned with your specific goals and dreams.

Here we begin to work to retrain muscles, ligaments, and spinal structures to restore proper nervous system functioning. Therefore, this phase is essential as research shows that improper structure can cause tension to the spinal cord itself. We will work with you to restore proper alignment of your spine as well as get to the root cause of your health conditions. As a result, it will allow for greater performance in all aspects of your life.

This phase is the most important for your long-term health. As we’ve begun to make structural changes and differences, we are working to maintain your spinal health to not only keep you out of pain, but also to keep you armed for life’s daily stressors. Much like wearing a retainer after braces, we will work to retain spinal correction, which often leads to a strengthened immune response, a better defense system, and elevated functioning. Here, we have moved past mere survival and into the Revival.