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I was referred to Dr. Christina by a friend when I posted on Facebook for recommendations. I was pregnant with twins, I had some back pain before but it got worse after the birth of my girls. I was constantly complaining about my pain because, it wouldn’t let me sleep at night no position was comfortable. My husband mentioned about seeing a chiropractor so here I am, with my girls as well. I didn’t know the benefits it had on my littles until I saw them sleeping better and their allergies gone as well. They are crawling and standing everywhere so they fall, bump heads having them adjusted helps them at every stage they go through.

Once I started treatment, I haven’t had an issue yet!! The revival staff are so awesome and they love babies!!! They know you by name, get you in and out quickly. I’m so happy I made the decision see a chiropractor and not get a new bed because that is what I thought I needed. But I am happy to be going to Revival Chiropractic where the staff cares about your health! -Stefany Grullon

I was suffering from shooting pains in my back. The torque technique that Dr. Cuellar uses has stopped the pain in my back and I am truly grateful. Under her care, I have not had to take any more pain pills. Just awesome! -Pat Adams

webster technique vbac c-section

I found out about Revival Chiropractic by searching the places that specialize in the Webster Technique. I was 8 mo pregnant and my baby was breach and transverse. Within an hour of filling out the form on their website, Dr. Christina had emailed me personally. Within a week and a half of treatment (3 appointments) my baby turned and I was able to cancel my c-section appointment.

My son was born slightly colicky. He had terrible reflux and and was having difficulty digesting and would sometimes be inconsolable. After two months of chiropractic work, he has no gastrointestinal issues and is the happy baby boy he was meant to be. When he got sick after his immunization shots, she adjusted him with no apppintment.

Dr Christina really believes in her work and the practice she built reflects that. She really believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and she goes the extra mile to prep the body to do the work it needs to. She has worked to optimize the cost for families so it is convenient and cost effective for everyone within a family to get treatment. Her staff is kind and receptive. During a typical wait for a room, you only wait a few minutes. She has a system in place to maximize your time. In this short time you will wait, you’ll see whole families come in or leave. The team knows everyone’s name and business. They’re like extended members of each family. It’s wonderful to see and be a part of.

If you’re looking for care, you likely won’t find better. I am forever grateful for everything Dr. Christina and her team have done for me and my family. -Amy Wheaton

webster technique vbac c-section

Before I thought chiropractic was just about neck pain and back pain, but now understand the importance of having your nervous system functioning properly, after coming to Revival Chiropractic. Their staff is very friendly and they’re definitely on a mission to educate the masses on the importance of chiropractic care. Upon arriving at their office I was greeted and taken on a tour of their office. I found this at first to be a daunting tasks, but afterwards enjoyed all the information they took the time to pour into me! The technique they use is great because it uses low force and is very quick and efficient. I would strongly recommend that if you’re in the area to contact this office! -Gregory McCord

webster technique vbac c-section

It’s refreshing to find a place that is truly kid friendly. Revival has a little room for the kids to play in and the staff have no problem with the kiddos wandering around. Since starting my adjustments at Revival, my headaches have gone away, my stiffness is gone and I’ve stopped needing antidepressant meds. I love this place! -Laurie Smith

webster technique vbac c-section

Dr. Christina and her team at Revival Chiropractic are top notch. From the moment you enter the practice, you feel at home and are always greeted with a smile. They use state-of-the-art technology and very gentle, specific adjustments to remove the cause of your problems, not just relieve symptoms. The office looks and feels very family friendly, and I can’t think of a better place to refer my Orlando friends and family, especially kids! -Abby Welch

I came to Revival Chiropractic due to sciatic nerve pain, but surprisingly have had other physical issues improve. 

I was surprised when I got on the table and could not put my face flush on the table when turning my head to the right. I had not noticed my flexibility  had decreased in my neck. After a few weeks my flexibility returned and I noticed I was standing with improved posture. 

I also have had high blood pressure for 7 years. I was taking two different blood pressure medications twice a day. After four months of adjustments I now take one medication once a day.

My sciatic nerve issue has improved. I rarely have any discomfort when sitting, or standing. Getting the relief I have has allowed me to increase and maintain my stretching routine along with building my core to also help with this issue. I’m doing better than I have in the last two years.

The staff has always treated me warmly and I have never waited more than a few minutes to be seen. 

Thank you to Dr. Cuellar and the staff at Revival Chiropractic. -Jimmy Gallagher

So emotional for me to even sit down and write this, Dr. Christina and her team are just flat out amazing… when I first brought Lucas my -now- 6 month old son he had every issue in the book, digestive, a curved spine and was unable to meet normal physical milestones. Tummy time was excruciating for him, and he ended up needing a helmet for his skull because he spent so much time on his back. Now my son can roll over, sit up, crawl, smile, scoot and even his skull -although not a 100% yet- is forming a better shape. Chiropractic care has changed his life. Even today.. my son had an accident and tumbled off my bed.. (he’s 100% fine!) Dr. Christina took extra special care of him, and even me..she took the time to ask me if I was okay, in which of course I replied no and boarder line started bawling, she gave me a big hug and honestly made me so much more calm about the entire situation.
She has not only worked wonders for my sons health, but mine as well. I didn’t realize that chiropractic care could help things such as postpartum depression, depression in general and anxiety.

On top of my horrible back pain, due to a horrible labor, a emergency “T” c-section and the epidural, Dr Christina has changed my life. My anxiety was so high I couldn’t even function at work, or doing normal things, slowly under chiropractic care my anxiety has nearly disappeared, my panic attacks decreased, and my depression, although still sometimes returning, has lessened immensely. I never realized that I needed this, but I am so happy I have found such an amazing doctor and welcoming, kind and gentle staff. My life is forever changed for the better, I have so much love for the Revival family. Thank you for all you have done for us, and I would always recommend you. -Marissa Chambers

I was referred to Dr. Christina by a co-worker and she also came and gave a health talk at our place of business. I was curious but never made it in to her office. Fast forward 6 months and I was having major lower back issues that were causing me to miss work so I got desperate and made an appointment. I actually threw my back out 3 times in about a month and a half! Once I started treatment, I haven’t had an issue yet!! The revival staff are so awesome! They know you by name, get you in and out quickly and it really feels like they care. I’m so happy I made the decision to be proactive about the health of my body rather than reactive! Thank you Revival Chiropractic! -Katie Ballinger Diaz

Dr Christina is amazing! Very skilled, and passionate about educating her patients towards achieving a high level of health through personal knowledge, and long term care. Our whole family sees her and we have had great results!! -Krystie Moss

I have had poor experiences with other Chiropractors that have aggravated my injury more than helped. But Dr Christina uses the latest technology and techniques to safely target the problem area. No more pills and epidurals for me, thanks to Dr Christina! -Kevin Mangan

Revival Chiropractic was a life changing experience for me. Before I came to Revival, I had excruciating nerve pain throughout my back. I was told by many medical doctors that I would just have to deal with it. Through chiropractic, by chronic nerve pain is completely gone! Not only am I getting better, I’m learning a lot about taking care of the body. Revival is the perfect name what reflects the atmosphere of kindness of the Dr. and staff. -Zerry Hogan