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What is Torque Release Technique?

In our office, we use a very specific technique called Torque Release Technique (TRT) that we love because it’s very safe, gentle, and specific. Torque Release Technique consists of a very specific protocol to assess patients and a very specialized tool to correct misalignments. This protocol leads us to know where to adjust, when to adjust, and more importantly- when to leave things alone.

TRT was developed by Dr. Jay Holder who is both an M.D. and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Holder researched the most widely used chiropractic techniques and developed this protocol from the best elements of each. This is the only technique in chiropractic that was completely born out of research.

How Is It Unique?

If you recall from our previous blog post, “What is a Subluxation?”,  a subluxation is when one or more bones shift out of alignment and put pressure on the nervous system. This pressure can significantly affect the way the body functions. We may have tons of subluxations in our spine at any given point. The interesting thing is that some of these subluxations are primary subluxations and some are compensations. In other words, some of these subluxations are causing other subluxations to occur. Dr. Holder’s researched found that there are typically only 1-3 primary subluxations in your body and everything else is simply a compensation.

An example of a compensation: 

Stand up straight while facing a mirror. Raise your right hip up by lifting your right heel off the ground. If you were to raise your right hip, you would notice that your shoulder might raise or lower to compensate for the hip shifting.

So in typical chiropractic offices, they might adjust your right shoulder but in TRT, we adjust the hips because that, in this example, that was the primary cause. When you adjust the primary cause, the compensations relax on their own.

The Integrator Tool

The tool that we use is called an integrator. It was the first FDA approved tool in the chiropractic world and has an immense amount of research behind it. In fact, it is the only tool in chiropractic was born out of a double-blind randomized clinical trial. It moves incredibly quickly (at 1/10,000th of a second). Because it moves so quickly, it doesn’t need as much force.

The integrator also implements torque for a very specific adjustment. That means that the tool will rotate based on how the bones have rotated for a specific adjustment rather than just moving the bone misalignment forward.

The speed and specificity of the adjustment means that it’s gentle on the body. It’s even safe for people with osteoporosis!


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