Slide Why Choose Chiropractic

We know from science that the brain controls everything in our bodies. It tells our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe, and all of our muscles to move and it does so without us even having to think about it. The brain communicates through the spinal cord and out to every single organ, tissue, and muscle in the body. When one or more of our spinal bones (called vertebrae) moves out of alignment, it can put pressure on the nerve. That pressure prevents normal communication from happening between the brain and the body, and that’s when disease and dysfunction can occur.

In our office, we utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology to assess your nervous system so that we may deliver specific, scientific chiropractic corrective care. Our Insight Technology is NASA-Published and Space-Certified and our techniques used are the most well researched techniques in chiropractic today. We combined evidence-based practices with experience to give you the most specific and scientific care possible. We look forward to serving you and your family!

Phases of Care: The R3 Model   


Our first goal is RELIEVE you from your pain to help you enjoy more of life.


Here we begin to RESTORE proper structure and nervous system functioning.


The most crucial phase where we move past survival and into the REVIVAL.

What to Expect on your First Visit

To allow us to understand exactly what your health concerns and goals are so that we may best serve you
To show you around our office so that we may help you feel most comfortable as a new practice member
To discuss your health concerns and goals privately so that we may understand all aspects of your health history and begin to design your new health future
We utilize NASA-published and Space Certified Technology to assess your nervous system to locate the root cause of your health conditions so that we may deliver the most specific and scientific chiropractic care possible
Only if necessary, we will take chiropractic postural x-rays in our state of-the-art X-Ray Suite located on site at Revival Chiropractic
After carefully analyzing all aspects of your history, assessment, exams and determining your customized care plan, we will sit down together so that you may make an educated decision about your health
We will begin the journey to health and healing and work together on a path towards optimum health and healing. Life is more than Survival. Join the Revival