glaucoma chiropractic

Glaucoma is a slow progressing, complicated disease of the eye. It can continue to develop for many years before you ever notice symptoms! Glaucoma is also the second leading cause of blindness! This is why early detection and treatment is essential. Lowering the pressure in the eye can either slow or even stop the progress of glaucoma.

Do I have Glaucoma?

We highly recommend that everyone receive their regular eye exams through their ophthalmologist. They can help monitor the pressure build up in the eye due to fluid. Because glaucoma can progress for many years before you have any symptoms, regular eye exams can result in detection far before symptoms are present. When fluid begins to build up, standard medical intervention can remove the excess fluid.


How is Chiropractic related to Glaucoma?

It’s important to mention that we do not treat glaucoma specifically. In addition, we make no claims in removing fluid build up in the eye. As mentioned, we highly recommend seeing your ophthalmologist for monitoring. We do, however, specialize in the detection, location and correction of spinal misalignments. These misalignments can prevent the nervous system from functioning at 100%. When we take the pressure off the nervous system through specific and gentle chiropractic care, the body can begin to heal.

An amazing research study featured a case of a 40-year old woman who saw a reduction in intraocular pressure following chiropractic care. When she first came to the chiropractic office, she mentioned that the pressure in her eye was continuing to grow. Over the past three years, the pressure in her eye had grown from 14.5 mmHg to 18 mmHg. Her ophthalmologist diagnosed her with “borderline glaucoma”. In addition, he told her that she may need to begin intervention to reduce the pressure in her eye.

An Incredible Reversal

Over the course of 2 months and 2 weeks, she was adjusted 25 times using Torque Release Technique (TRT). TRT is one of the most research techniques in chiropractic and is the technique we use here in our office. The patient was seen again by her ophthalmologist for a re-examination. The progression of the patient’s intraocular eye pressure not only ceased, but also reversed! Her eye pressure measured at 16 mmHG, a significant decreased from the 18 mmHg measurement from before chiropractic care! This reversal resulted in her eye doctor no longer considering the need for medical intervention.

By adjusting the upper neck and reducing subluxation, the patient’s intraocular eye pressure decreased. Although the patient did not initially seek out the chiropractor with an intention to improve her glaucoma, she was overjoyed by the results!

Check out the research article!

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